Presence, Not Presents

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring out the materialist in all of us.

Holiday shoppers got off to a good start yesterday, according to CNN. I missed the mayhem, but I’m working on my holiday gift list.

With a flailing economy, many of us are cutting back on spending this year. This may be a blessing in disguise, forcing us to reconsider our priorities and avoid filling up our homes—and landfills—with next year’s junk.

“In these challenging economic times, parents may feel concerned that they may not be able to provide the usual abundance under the Christmas tree, or other holiday giving,” says education specialist Barbara Nicholson, cofounder of Nashville-based Attachment Parenting International. “The good news is that what children really need and want is our presence, not necessarily presents. Think about other ways to make your holidays rich this year by providing more time for games, cooking together and, perhaps, making gifts together that will be treasured through the years.”

We couldn’t agree more. Tune in tomorrow for a holiday craft project that will bring family members together and nurture your organic spirit.

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