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Housebreaking a puppy has its share of unpleasant messes, but pups usually learn quickly. Now, they can also help protect the environment.

As Kami Havluciyan prepared to train her new puppy, she shopped for traditional training pads, which are essentially big, flat, disposable diapers. They become dirty, dogs drag them around the house, and they’re destined to end up in landfills.

“I saw a stack of training pads at the grocery store and realized how expensive and harmful to the environment they could be,” she says. “I knew there had to be an environmentally conscious alternative.”


Havluciyan developed the Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty, an eco-friendly and cheaper housebreaking alternative. She estimates it saves around $400 a year over training pads—and it’s “convenient, clean and easy to use for any size breed,” she says.

A solid base supports all breeds, and a specially designed grate keeps dogs’ paws dry. The Ugodog can be used both indoors and outdoors.

As for housebreaking in general, Havluciyan offers these important tips:

  • Take your puppy or dog to his bathroom area immediately in the morning.
  • Take him to his area immediately after each meal.
  • Give him lots of cheerful praise when he goes in the appropriate place.
  • Never punish a dog for a housetraining mistake; he won’t understand why he’s in trouble. If you catch him in the act, tell him “no” firmly, and move him to the appropriate area immediately.

Once your new puppy gets the hang of it, he’ll appreciate a dog toilet that doesn’t force him to “hold it” all day.

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Photos courtesy of ARA (top), Ugodog

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