Really "Green" Holiday Wreaths


San Rafael, Calif.-based Organic Bouquet, the Internet’s first eco-florist, has introduced a large collection of decorative and culinary wreaths. More than a dozen selections are available, including:

  • The Pine Peace Wreath (18" in diameter), designed exclusively for Organic Bouquet, is a peace symbol handcrafted from organic Shore Pine needles gathered in the Pacific Northwest. A portion of profits will be donated to Adopt-a-Minefield, an organization that works with the United Nations to resolve the global landmine crisis.
  • The Snowflake Wreath (18"), made of fresh organic Shore Pine and accented with Douglas Fir pinecones, is a fragrant and whimsical wreath that stands out from the rest.
  • For the home chef, a Culinary Three Herb Wreath (12"), made of organic rosemary, thyme and bay leaves, accented with fresh chili, will add soulful spice to any gathering.
  • The Autumn Leaves Wreath (18") is an elegant wreath of preserved wild-crafted leaves, accented with wheat and acorns, in an inspired medley of burnt orange, ochre and soft brown hues.
  • The Organic Bay & Chili Wreath (16") and Bay & Chili Swag (16") are handcrafted using fresh, certified organic red chili and fragrant California Bay Laurel. Bay leaves are harvested in the late fall and early winter, when oil content is at its highest. Each item provides a year’s supply of culinary bay.
  • The Bay Leaf Garland (6’), a fragrant garland of certified organic culinary bay, can be draped over a mantle or down a banister, adding a festive touch for the holiday season.

“All of our wreaths support sustainable farming, which encourages healthy stewardship of the earth and is key to preserving our natural resources,” says Organic Bouquet CEO Gerald Prolman.

Click here for an informative primer on wreath history, uses and applications.

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