World's First Certified-Organic Fragrant Rose Debuts

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San Francisco-based, a pioneer in the $150 million eco-friendly flower market, has just introduced Vitality, the world’s first certified-organic fragrant rose for commercial distribution.


“In the 25 years that I’ve been in the floral business, we’ve seen a gradual trade-off: Roses last longer, but they’ve lost their fragrance,” says master florist Cherrie Silverman, staff floral designer for The Tournament of Roses Parade. “These Vitality roses smell like heaven!”

Known as an international symbol of romance and elegance, the sweet aroma of roses has fallen victim in recent decades to the demands of industrial-scale production, which favors practical genetic attributes like durability and higher yields over fragrance. But after three years of careful selection and cultivation, and Nevado Roses Ecuador—one of the world’s most highly respected commercial rose growers—successfully developed the first fragrant rose that grows viably within organic farming standards (the USDA-accredited system that builds rich, fertile soil and utilizes natural defense mechanisms to combat pests and plant diseases).

“From its spectacular opening to its seductive perfume, Vitality offers a potent and sensually arousing fragrance that will leave the recipient reeling with delight,” says Organic Bouquet CEO Gerald Prolman.

Vitality—a bright white rose that grows to nearly two feet, with an abundance of petals that open like a garden rose—makes its debut with master florists in select national markets this week.

“They’re the most wonderfully scented roses I’ve smelled in years. Absolutely exquisite!” says Hollywood florist Abe Gonzalez, whose clients include 21st Century Fox, Paramount and Shaquille O’Neal. “They bring back memories of my grandmother’s garden—perfect for a classical arrangement.”

Vitality roses have a vase life of three to five days (shorter than some other commercially grown roses). They can be purchased here for $49.95 per dozen plus shipping, and delivered by overnight courier anywhere in the United States.

Organic Bouquet, established in 2001, is the world’s first online organic florist. The company is at the forefront of a profound transformation of the $20 billion floral market, setting a new standard that upholds the well-being of farm workers, protection of ecosystems and preservation of the earth, while providing consumers with the highest-quality products available.

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