About Dr. Patrick Porter, Neuroscience Expert, Creator and CEO of BrainTap

Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. is an award-winning author, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker. With 20 years of experience operating the largest self-help franchise in the world, he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry, having sold over 3 million of his self-help products worldwide. Dr. Porter has been on the cutting edge of brainwave entrainment technology for 32 years. His team was voted the “Best New Health App” at 2019 Consumer Electronic Show. His newest brain-training platform, BrainTap, is distinctively designed to activate the brain’s neuroplasticity. The BrainTap headset uses light & sound technology in combination with Dr. Porter’s proprietary guided visualization audio-sessions to help people achieve brain fitness, overcome stress, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, enjoy superb sleep and make any number of lifestyle improvements. He is the author of the award-winning bestseller, Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century, Discover the Language of the Mind, Thrive in Overdrive, How to Navigate Your Overloaded Lifestyle, among others.

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Image of a 3D brain in an orange tone on an orange background. This calls to mind mental fitness which is just as important as physical fitness for our health.
Credit: Milad Fakurian via Unsplash
March 30, 2024
Mental Fitness Matters! Support your memory & focus with science-backed strategies from a neuroscience expert. Fight cognitive decline & improve overall well-being