Caraway Bakeware Reviewed: Is it Worth It? Here’s What a Green Chef Thinks

We have an FAQ — Is Caraway Bakeware really worth it? After testing it for over a year, our founder, editor-in-chief and trained chef, Laura Klein has the answer for you (spoiler: it’s maybe). Read on to see all what she loves and what she’s not too hot on.

image of Caraway Bakeware Set in mixed colors (perracotta, navy, and white) interestingly stacked in two stacks with a single brown egg, half stick of butter, and sprinkle of flour on the wooden work surface.
Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway Home.

If you’re into cooking or baking and are on the internet, you’ve probably heard of Caraway cookware. You know, the internet famous brand of cookware that made non-toxic, non-stick cookware modern. Almost everyone seems to know who they are. Yet, every time I mention their name, I always get the same question — “Is it worth it?

Caraway reached out to me way back when they started in 2019 and I’ve been testing their non-toxic, non-stick cookware ever since. Be sure to look for our exclusive discount below.

Before they launched, I tested just about every other non-toxic, nonstick cookware brand, reviewing them for our guide to safe, non-toxic cookware that’s updated yearly. And I’ve done the same thing for bakeware, and ceramic cookware, testing the best safe bakeware and ceramic cookware on the market.

Hello, I’m Laura Klein, the founder and editor-in-chief of I’ve been reviewing non toxic cookware for years. Literally. I went to culinary school, and I simply love to cook.

I’ve never been a fan of the traditional, PTFE Teflon pans that, back in the day, contained forever chemicals and flaked into your food and were a serious source of harmful toxicity to our bodies and the earth!

At Organic Authority, we’re passionate about safe non toxic cookware. We’ve even done a deep dive into PTFE and the dangers PFAS chemicals pose to the environment and human health. So when a non-stick cookware line is launched that’s free of PTFE, PFAs and PFOAs, we’re on board to give it a test run.

This review focuses on Caraway’s Bakeware Set, which I’ve tested thoroughly for over a year. I’ll also answer some common questions about the brand and non-toxic, nonstick cookware in general. By the end of the article you’ll be confident knowing if a Caraway Bakeware Set is right for you.

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What is Caraway Bakeware Made Of?

image of the 11-piece bakeware set from Caraway in color navy. A sheet pan and muffin tin are propped up against the white tile backsplash with other pieces (loaf pan, rectangle baking pan, 2 circle pans and a square pan) stacked on the white marble counter. There are two cork trivets and a wood utensil holder with wooden utensils.
Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway Home

Caraway’s Bakeware is made of non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating that covers an aluminized steel body. The coating is free of PTFE, PFOAs, PFAs, heavy metals, lead and cadmium.

If you want the deep dive on how the brand got started, their sustainability issues, third party testing and more, read our interview with the founder of Carwaway, Jordan Nathan.

Have you tried Caraway’s cookware or bakeware? Please share your experiences with the community in the comments below.

What’s Included in a Caraway Bakeware Set?

One thing I love about Caraway Bakeware is that there are tons of buying options. You can purchase the 11-piece set Caraway Bakeware Set (which is my favorite, every piece gets used in my kitchen), the half 5-piece set, and if you’re not ready or don’t have the budget, you can buy them a-la-carte or in duos (the duos come in a baking sheet duo, baking and cooling duo, and circle pan duo).

image of black Caraway baking set, cookware , and tea kettle with gold handles on marble counter with marble backsplash, a cooling rack with two croissants with powdered sugar dusted.
Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway Home

Oh, and did I mention the bakeware comes in an array of colors to choose from to fit your vibe and style? Choose from their Classic color collection like cream, navy, slate, gray, perracotta, sage, and marigold. The Iconics collection happens to be my favorite which comes in white and black with with gorgeous gold handles.

The 11-piece and 5-piece sets come with their very own storage organizers which I happen to love. Over the years, I’ve learned from testing non-stick cookware that stacking them quickly degrades the nonstick surface, rendering it useless in a matter of months. It’s frustrating, not fun, and a waste of time and money. So the fact that the design team came up with a solution for this, is kind of ah-mazing. Having said that, it may not be for everyone. Read on to find out why.

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The Caraway Bakeware Test

image of perracotta-colored bakeware stored in Caraway's storage organizers under a counter in an open wood cabinet next to a stack of plates.
Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway Home

I tested the whole 11-piece Caraway bakeware set which comes with two storage organizers. A lot of people ask if I like the organizers, and I do. Caraway solved the stacking problem of non-stick cookware in a drawer or cabinet. Stacking degrades and ruins the non-stick surface because of the continuous contact causing nicks, dings and even gauges — ultimately rendering the non-stick surface useless. Having said that, if you have a small kitchen and don’t have the storage or counter space to put the organizers, they may not be for you.

The bakeware set comes with:

  • 18×13” and 10×15” baking sheet
  • 12 cup muffin pan
  • 9×13 rectangle pan
  • 8×13” cooling rack
  • 9” square pan
  • 1lb loaf pan
  • 2 – 9”circle pans

If you’re a sheet pan dinner lover like I am, you’re going to love the sheet pans.

image of a Caraway bakeware sheet pan with a cooling rack on top with colorful roasted carrots drizzled with olive oil, next to that is a pan with roasted salmon with more high-quality olive oil on countertop next to stove with a black covered saucepan. Behind that on the counter rests the Caraway bakeware in white stored storage organizers.
Credit: Image courtesy of Laura Klein and OA Studios

I use baking sheets regularly to make sweet and savory dishes including sheet pan dinners like this roasted sheet pan chicken with smashed potatoes or this sheet pan salmon dinner with roasted vegetables.

It’s great to have the two different sizes of sheet pans. One for large and one for small ovens, or just for large and small jobs which is nice. Less clean up too with the smaller pans. The sheet pans are a great addition to my standard baking sheets and get regular use in my kitchen. They are super easy to clean and work well.

I do like to preheat my sheet pans from time to time before adding food to them in order to brown veg like smashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. Caraway however recommends that you do not preheat the pans without food on them. So if you like browning food, you should have some good restaurant quality sheet pans around as well. Caraway’s sheet pans, however, are good for many other uses.

image of Caraway baking pan with enchiladas showing off the nonstick, nontoxic surface with plain white background.
Credit: Image courtesy of Laura Klein

I used the 9×13” Rectangle Pan to make homemade enchiladas, which are a favorite in my house. The melted cheese and baked on sauce was super easy to clean up (way easier than my restaurant grade pans).

The large baking sheet and the rectangle pan come with handles which I think is a nice touch. For me, they’re not entirely necessary, but they are a nice-to-have accessory on a larger pan.

The only downside I can see is that food can get stuck between the rivets that connect the handles to the baking sheet. If you’re super tidy, they will probably require a little extra scrub to get them clean. I’m not that huge of a neat freak so it doesn’t bother me (to me it shows love and use of the pan).

Image of chocolate beet earthquake cookies on a cooling rack
Credit: Image courtesy of Laura Klein

Another favorite item in the set is the cooling rack — it’s an incredibly useful tool in the kitchen. I use it to cool baked goods like my earthquake chocolate beet cookies, drain marinated vegetables, frost cookies or a cake and, of course, cool baked goods and even let meat rest on after cooking.

When I tested the muffin pan and loaf pan without any oil or butter (try this paleo banana bread recipe, or chocolate chip peanut butter banana bread recipe, both are ridiculously delicious), each popped out quite effortlessly and required minimal cleanup. Even when I did have some baked dough in a muffin tin, it came off easily with a little soap and water and stayed looking new.

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Is it Easy to Clean?

If you want bakeware that’s easy to clean and store, this set is for you. It also feels great to bake with pretty bakeware you can be proud of instead of dinged up scratched old bakeware.

I’ve been using these pans for over 12 months and they still haven’t discolored which is a bit shocking. I’m also finicky about my cookware and treat it with the utmost respect when it comes to using the right utensils and temperatures.

For example, I don’t use metal utensils, and instead use wood or silicone. And I don’t use this cookware for high heat cooking like broiling or browning. I leave that to my other cookware tools that are made for high heat temperatures like stainless steel, cast iron and carbon steel cookware.

How Long Does the Bakeware Set Last?

To answer this, I would need more time. For now I can say, I don’t know exactly how long a bakeware set from Caraway will last. However, I can share that I’ve had my bakeware set for well over a year and the nonstick surface is still in excellent condition. Also know I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to caring for my cookware and bakeware.

I tend to invest in the higher end brands that are well made, and have staying power and longevity so I take care of them. I’m not a fan of cheap one hit wonder pots, pans, tools or gadgets. In my experience they all end up in the recycle bin or trash. Not fun and a waste of time and money.

So when it comes to taking care of my non-toxic, non-stick pans I generally follow the rules:

  • I don’t use metal utensils, I only use wood or silicone tools.
  • I also wash them by hand and stay away from abrasive scrubbers.
  • I don’t broil with them or use them for high heat cooking.

If you’re not familiar with these maintenance methods when it comes to nonstick cookware, with a little practice, and patience it becomes second nature (and much easier on the pocket book because you get a longer shelf life out of them).

If you’re rough on your non-stick cookware you won’t get the long life out of them. This, I know from experience growing up in my mother’s household. She’s very hard on her cookware and has no interest in caring for cookware that needs special attention like non-stick cookware. It quickly degrades and becomes dinged up and scratched within a matter of months rendering the non stick surface useless.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Using & Caring for Caraway Bakeware:

image of inside of oven with Carway baking sheet with one dozen earthquake cookies (chocolate with a crackled powdered sugar crust) pulled out with the top oven rack, a peek of more muffins and cookies being baked beneath via Organic Authority
Credit: Image courtesy of Laura Klein

The bottom line is, when we invest in non-stick, non-toxic sustainable cookware, we want it to last. I spelled out some of my tips above, but let’s get into some more no-nos for non-stick bakeware.

  • Avoid preheating empty pans in the oven which means you need to avoid putting empty bakeware in the oven without food on it.
  • Do not cut anything on your pans, anything sharp will wear and degrade the surface (just like the stacking of cookware does.).
  • Avoid using oil sprays or aerosols. Some sprays contain lecithin, an ingredient that acts like an emulsifier that will slowly build up on a nonstick surface, even nonstick pans, and is tough to remove. The end result is a pan that becomes sticky with tedious cleanups. The solution: if you want a spray, buy a mister and put your favorite oil in it to cook and or bake with.
  • Never broil, with these pans only bake. Max temp is 550F. If you know you want to finish a dish under the broiler to brown something, pull out your good restaurant quality sheet pan.
  • Bakeware can warp, including Caraways (in fact all of my bakeware has warped at one time or another!). In one of my test sessions my caraway sheet pans did indeed warp but it bounced back after it cooled (just as the brand’s website promised).
image of cookies on a Caraway cooling bake rack alongside a muffin tin filled with cookies all on a counter next to a range with a Caraway black covered saucepan, more white Caraway bakeware stored upright in 2 storage organizers via Organic Authority.
Credit: Image courtesy of Laura Klein

If anything gets stuck on the pan, Caraway’s website recommends spreading two tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of vinegar on the pan, and letting that sit for half an hour, after which you can wipe away the food and wash with soap as usual. I’ve never had to do this with Caraway’s bakeware, but I’ve done it with other cookware and it generally works well.

The above need-to-know list may seem like a lot, but it’s actually pretty standard for non-stick cookware. If it intimidates you, with a little practice it becomes second nature, and easy to implement. After all, don’t you want your pots and pans to last as long as they can and maintain their beautiful look and feel?

Is Caraway Bakeware Worth It?

Image of a Caraway clean, non-toxic bakeware stored on modern kitchen counter with marble and marble backsplash. One bake pan sits out on a dish towel, and the rest are stored in Caraway Home's storage containers.
Caraway’s Iconic Set also comes in white with pretty gold hued handles. You can buy it as set, a la carte or in duos.Credit: Caraway

Caraway does come with a higher price tag, but you are getting more for your money, with the overall high design and additional features. If you buy a set, there’s even more value with the organizers. They are also ridiculously easy to clean.

If you’re about efficiency in the kitchen and like beautiful things this bakeware set, or individual pieces, is for you. I also think the design and quality make it a worthy investment too.

If a whole or half set is too much for you, you can buy them a la carte, or in the duos, to get started or if you just have limited space. That also allows you to test it out as well…

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When Does Caraway Go On Sale?

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