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1 in 30 Million Yellow Lobster Caught in Rhode Island

Go to a Sizzler, you'll see a restaurant packed with bright red lobsters slathered with butter and lemon juice. But a yellow lobster? Yeah, it's true. Yellow lobsters are very rare, but last month a fisherman snagged one in Narragansett Bay's East Passage off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island.


Normally American lobsters are a mixture of colors, mostly reds and browns, the totally yellow color is only seen around 1 in 30 million lobsters.

Lobsterman Denny Ingram caught the rare crustacean in one of his traps and was shocked by what he found. He'd never seen anything like it before. Denny should be stunned. A yellow lobster is even rarer than one of those cool looking blue lobsters. The odds of catching a blue lobster are 1 in every 4 million.

From the Organic Authority Files

And don't worry. Denny's yellow lobster isn't going into the stew pot. The lobster will be put on display at the fishermen's co-op at the State Pier in Newport.

In related lobster news, back in 2006, Whole Foods actually halted the sale of live lobsters in order to find a more humane way of handling them. And Stephen Colbert suggests renaming cockroaches “sink lobster” to make them more appetizing.

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