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24 Hour Organic Produce

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Acquiring organic food has yet to become as easy as acquiring conventionally grown produce. Large supermarkets are beginning to cede more inches in the produce aisles to organic producers and some specialty markets are appearing that provide only natural and organic foods. But these specialty markets are not as readily accessible to more rural consumers. Farmer's markets can be quite prolific as providers of organic fruit and whole foods for those living in the heart of a city or surrounding suburbs. However long work schedules and hectic family living can make healthy shopping difficult.

Enter modern technology and the age of internet shopping to bridge the synaptic gap. An increasing demand for organic food has lead pioneering businesses such as, based in California, to provide high quality organic food with a guarantee of overnight delivery nationwide. Organic online stores are betting that folks will be willing to forego the extra hassle affiliated with getting to and from the market for doorstep delivery of high quality organic food. It appears they may have successfully found a unique blending of old world farming and modern technology.

Organic shoppers may be wary to shop sight unseen for something as fickle as market fresh produce but the thriving online stores are backing all of their produce with satisfaction guarantees. If there is a problem with an order a simple call to the provider should allow for a credit towards the next order. This does not mitigate the costs of shipping but the guarantee and the customer service are first class.

If shopping for organic foods online causes some skepticism for those consumers accustomed to the feel and smell of the marketplace as well as the whole foods, there are internet options that are designed to keep them in touch with those very things. established in 1998, serves as a directory keeping people in touch with the idea that the freshest and most flavorful organic food is what's grown closest to home. They provide a nationwide network of information for people to get connected with local organic providers from restaurants to farms and farmer's markets. They also provide their own links to internet purchases for organic fruit, chocolate, seeds and difficult to obtain items.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The cost of organic internet shopping is not as prohibitive as one might initially think. The cost of the actual produce is quite competitive when compared to that of the local markets. There is the added cost of shipping which, considering the delicate nature of the cargo, is a bit more expensive. On the flipside of the coin, when one considers the time and energy expended getting to a local farm or supermarket in addition to the fuel, the concept of having all of your organic produce delivered to your door is rather appealing.

Whatever form of organic shopping a particular customer decides to do, it is clear that the internet is staking its claim in the latest efforts to provide the healthiest dietary options for the nation's consumers.

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