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Acai Plantations Muscling Out Rainforests

Acai berry is everywhere! Oprah’s fad diet was only the beginning. Flavored vodka and jelly beans are on their way too, but this increased demand comes with a price.


More acai berry means more acres of rainforest are being cleared for new plantations.

Rainforests are diverse ecosystems and home to a variety of botanicals. Chopping them can threaten the environment and even our health.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Tropical rainforests have 1,500 different types of plants and 750 species of trees, losing them could put at risk the 120 varieties of rainforest-derived prescription drugs, like antibiotics and antiseptics, sold worldwide.

Scientists fear the destruction of the rainforest, through land clearing, cattle ranching, farming and logging, could cause hundreds of rainforest-dwelling plants and animals to go extinct.

Now, to help repopulate the rainforest, researchers have developed a system of shootings seed carrying projectiles from the air. This could replace current replanting methods that waste up 70% of seeds.

Via Health and Men.

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