Colorado Rules in Organic Livestock


I live in New Jersey, so to me “open space” means a corner lot. But not in Colorado, there's plenty of land out there.


So it's no surprise that a recent report shows Colorado has the highest percentage of land dedicated to organic livestock.

Colorado rules with 76%, the most in the West. And you better call it the “West,” I was just in Colorado and they're very punchy about being called "Midwest."

And Colorado is second only to Idaho in the number of organic farms in a state.

Farmers in Colorado say switching to organic is expensive and cumbersome, but the certification makes their organic meat "the real McCoy.”

It's pretty cool to see a state so dominated by organic. I think it represents a nationwide shift in consumer demand.

I don't know about organic farms, but I tell you one thing, Colorado has more medical marijuana stores...on EVERY corner - it's far out man!

Image credit: groans from within

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