Crafty Octopus Floods Aquarium

Octopi are incredibly smart. Living in coral reefs, where predators are abound, requires them to make split second life-or-death decisions. As a result, they’ve evolved to become quite brainy. Some species can even change color.

But this little octopus is a real prankster. Last week, at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium in California, a female California two-spotted octopus flooded her aquarium home with at least 200 gallons of seawater.

Some scientists say octopuses are the perfect combination of smarts, strength, curiosity and manipulative ability, all of which helped this foot-long octopus swim to the top of her tank, disassemble a valve and release the 200 gallons of water.

The swell flooded nearby by offices and exhibits and ruined the aquarium’s recently installed ecologically designed floors. Researchers believe octopi learn from observing others, so maybe this little one was spying on zookeepers. Now I want a pet octopus!

Via National Geographic News.