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Entire Swedish Town Goes Biofuel!

Kalmar, Sweden, a city of 60,000, along with the surrounding 12 towns, adding up to a quarter of million people, is jumping off the grid, cutting oil and switching to biofuel.


City officials insist they’re not eco-freaks, just giving people the tools to make a change, saying the technological part is easy. Changing the culture is hard!

The community will rely on all sorts of eco-friendly power, such as ethanol, biogas and hydropower.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Desperate to get off oil entirely, Kalmar has wanted to kick oil since the 1970s, when oil prices shot up, average price of gas in Sweden is still over $7.50 per gallon, but the city’s new energy aspirations will put Kalmar very close to its goal of being fossil fuel free by 2030.

Kalmar’s revamped energy systems include biogas made from chicken poop and wood waste, as well as an 85% ethanol blend from Brazil, windmills, hydropower, nuclear energy and old school steam power. The switch is also expected to save the town money; The Chicago Tribune reports.

Kuzumaki, Japan is another eco-marvel. The town of 8,000 residents generates 161% of its power from clean energy, using solar panels, wind turbines, cow dung and more!

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