From Our Friends: April 5, 2013

Welcome to this week’s installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts from the past week and more from our friends and partners around the web. This week’s edition includes articles on asparagus recipes, the toxins found in bath products, DIY spa treatments, kid’s and yoga practice, ways to get your vitamin C and the coffee cultures of the world. 

1. Finally, spring is here! Tons of great fruits and vegetables are in season now, one being asparagus. Since asparagus taste best early in the season, consider trying one of 5 quick and easy asparagus recipes from Experience Life.

2. Bathtime means cleaning up, right? Actually, many common bath products are filled with toxins. Learn more about the toxins found in bath products and what to look for in alternative on MightyNest.

3. Springtime DIY spa treatments are a great way to embrace the season. Making your own beauty treatments at home allows you to use super fresh ingredients like apples, ripe avocados and bananas. Grab a few friends for spa day and check out recipies Blisstree‘s DIY spa recipes.

4. Can kids do yoga? The aswer is YES! Yoga has many spiritual and physical benefits that children can enjoy too. Head over to Yogitimes for a great article that answers how and when to get children involved in yoga practice.

5. Vitamin C is a super important vitamin. Our bodies need vitamin C to synthesize collegan and to produce neurotrasmitters that helps control mood. Since humans cannot make their own vitamin C, we must find ways to eat enough in our diets. Find 5 vitamin C-rich foods on The Organic Whey.

6. The first stop in the morning is often the coffee pot, but did you know that coffee is enjoyed in many different ways in all corners of the world? Every country has its own “coffee culture” or a unique way residents like to drink their cup of joe. Learn more about other countries’ coffee creations on EcoSalon and you might just find a new way to enjoy your morning brew. 

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Image: gruntzooki