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From Our Friends (April 8, 2011)

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We love when good people do good things with bad people's bad situations, so we had to share the big story this week involving the elephant-hunting GoDaddy CEO and how rivals Namecheap are making things right. Between that, green cabs in London, and deadly appetizer options, you have a delicious full plate with this week's From Our Friends! Enjoy the articles, and have a great weekend!

1. You may have heard the news this week about the GoDaddy CEO's elephant hunting antics. Well, the Huffington Post is reporting that domain rivals Namecheap are making strides in balancing out the world by donating more than $20,000 to elephant conservation groups. Amazing.

2. According to Environmental News Network, London is turning their black cabs green!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. As much as we try to stay healthy and organic at home, there are plenty of chances that we end up in social situations out at restaurants, reaching for the menu's seemingly smaller, healthier options. Thankfully, The Daily Beast lets us know some of the dangerous appetizers that lurk out there!

4. WholeLiving has some great tips on how to set up some eco-friendly mood-lighting in your home!

5. Low Tech to High Concept: WebEcoist has 3 great ideas for water in Africa!

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