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It seems like climate change is finally starting to make people take action! With eco-battles raging between NYC and Chicago, and the roots of green film festivals brewing in San Francisco, there are plenty of things to help you take action. Take a look at some of our favorite articles from our friends this week to get informed and inspired.

1. It may sound like a simple question, but Maria's Farm Country Kitchen wants to help you figure out what's for dinner! Check out her delicious and easy suggestions.

2. MotherJones covers the climate change preperation smackdown between NYC and Chicago.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. The mystery of the dead birds and fish in Arkansas goes on, but Huffington Post has some leads.

4. The first Green Film Festival is debuting in San Fransisco in March, and Alternative Consumer has all the juicy details.

5. DIY Life takes on the ESL Lightbulbs to see if they are really worth all the fuss.

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