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From Our Friends: August 31, 2012

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Happy Friday everyone! Before you head out for your much-needed three-day weekend, don't miss this week's epic From Our Friends roundup! We've packed it with articles on building your immune system, getting over that weight loss plateau, all about worm bin composting, a sustainable fashion party in NYC, how to preserve with Weck glass jars, and the futuristic homes that will house our expanding population. Enjoy these, and we'll see you Tuesday! ;)

1. For decades, we've been a culture obsessed with avoiding germs, convinced that getting dirty is dangerous. But some health professionals insist that exposure to a range of bacteria is not only safe, it’s essential to human health and immunity. Read more at Experience Life!

2. Congratulations, you've reached your weight loss goal — almost. If you've toiled and suffered for months to try and lose that last five or 10 pounds, take heart. You’re not alone, and no matter how impossible it may feel, you can break that plateau and shrink to your ideal size, whatever that may be. The Organic Whey's blog has all the details.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Have you heard of worm bin composting? Click through to Blisstree to find out why it rocks, and how you can get started!

4. New Yorkers! EcoSalon is throwing a hell of a party to kick off Fashion Week and you definitely want to be there. But it's not just ANY fashion party-- it's a SUSTAINABLE fashion party! 

5. Weck glass jars have been around for more than 100 years. First introduced by Johann Weck in 1900, his jars were meant to serve as a reliable and healthy way to preserve food. Check out this wonderful guide to preserving in Weck Glass Jars from MightyNest!

6. The population of the world is skyrocketing and bears the burden of one thing: where will these people live? Fortunately, bold dreamers are designing new digs for future Americans, homes for the future. Read more at Environmental Graffiti.

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