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From Our Friends (March 18, 2011)

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Each week we come accross some articles that we feel an absolute need to share with our readers. This week has a lot of variety and some posts that we think you will really connect with. From helping Canada say NO TO GMO, to getting your grove on at a green festival in California, there is plenty of stuff that will make today's lunch break fantastically entertaining and engaging. Enjoy!

1. You can help Canada say NO to GMO Food! All the info is here at Slow Food Toronto.

2. For our SoCal friends, Green LA Girl has the details on a festival that blends green living with electronic music.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. Are you a big fan of Maple Syrup? There's a great post in Saveur Mag that rates some of their favorites!

4. Grist wants you to get freaked out about hydrofracking.

5. There is a great article in BlogHer about the power of women and sports.

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