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From Our Friends: October 5, 2012

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Happy Friday, and welcome to another installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup of great articles from our fabulous friends around the web! This week's edition includes posts on putting together a better workout routine, resistance band exercises, everything you need to know about the fungal meningitis outbreak happening right now, some DIY Halloween tips (wow, it's October already!), and some fun wooden toys that could even be considered art. Enjoy these, dear readers, and we'll see you next week!

1. Experience Life Fitness editor Jen Sinkler asks the experts when to eat after exercising, how often to change up a workout routine, how to look fresh after a workout and how to cure “computer neck.”

2. Step up your lower body workout with 4 resistance band exercises from The Organic Whey's blog! 

From the Organic Authority Files

3. An outbreak of a deadly strain of fungal meningitis across five states has resulted in four deaths, according to a report by the AP. So far, 26 people have become ill with the disease. If you live in one of the impacted states or have received a steroid injection lately, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms. Read more at Blisstree.

4. Yikes, it’s already time to get out the holiday décor. Question is, are you going to buy this year or DIY? Store bought Halloween décor can get pretty pricey so why not set the mood with some DIY candles and save some dough. Read all about it at EcoSalon!

5. Check out these wooden toys on MightyNest. Beautiful, simple and fun. And no batteries needed ;)

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Image: EcoSalon

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