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Garbage Tomato 2 – Saturday 8.22.09

Growing a tomato in a pile of garbage is hard work. It’s been raining all day, so finally it stopped long enough for me to snag a picture. As you can, despite all this horrible monsoon-like weather my tomato keeps growing, little by little.


A couple things, I had a little incident with a branch. On the left side, the weight from a bunch of tomatoes took it down, but I caught it right away and snitched it up. It weighs a ton! The left side of my plant is sprouting the most.

But the right side is doing okay too. The little picture on the left is from the top right. So when those get big I’ll have to tie that in place too. Oh, and as for my stowaway cantaloupe. It’s not a cantaloupe or a zucchini. It’s an acorn squash!

From the Organic Authority Files

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