Industrial Hemp Farming: Good for Farmers, Good for Americans

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For the millionth time: Hemp cannot get you high! Now, I know you, our savvy readers, know that, but it seems like the U.S. is having a very difficult time remembering this fact. Luckily, though, hemp has had a relatively good year, and soon may be getting the serious attention it deserves, particularly industrial hemp farming.

The U.S. Farm Bill recently included an amendment that will allow the plant to be researched at colleges and universities. The amendment also allows for some industrial hemp farming in states that now permit it.

“The recent farm bill allows farmers to start experimenting with hemp in states that have legalized the crop. The plant has been tightly controlled for almost 50 years.” reports NPR.

But although hemp is now legal to grow in some places, U.S.-grown hemp seeds are still next to impossible to find. According to NPR, it’s technically still illegal to import viable hemp into the U.S. And because the seed is so difficult to find, people with usable seed are highly sought after and very popular. Although there are a few hurdles associated with growing the plant, the crop could bring in a lot of money in the future.

In fact, according to a recent article in Rolling Stone (“Is the DEA Dazed & Confused Over Industrial Hemp?“), Missy Baxter reports some studies have shown that hemp’s cannabidol (CBD), which is primarily found in the plant’s seeds, can prevent cancerous tumors in mice, and could possibly help people with epilepsy. While CBD is found in all types of cannabis, it appears in greater quantities in industrial hemp.

Along with hemp’s potential that’s currently tied up in research, the plant also has plenty of other great uses already proven:

  • Hemp seeds have a lot of oil in the form of essential fatty acids, including omega-6 and omega-3. The seeds also contain protein. The seeds can be used to make milk, cheese and other dairy-like products, and can also be eaten raw atop a smoothie, or blended into oatmeal.
  • Hemp has incredibly strong fibers and can be used to make rope, paper and clothing.

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