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Is Buying Organic One Of The Signs Of Cheating

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Want to know if your spouse is thinking of having an affair? Organic food in the grocery cart could be one of the tell-tale signs of cheating. A survey from a UK website showed that men and women who were cheating or considering having an extramarital affair were more likely to shop for higher-end groceries, including organics.

Remember the scenes from "American Beauty" when Kevin Spacey was getting himself all buff and beautiful while contemplating an affair? Sudden exercise is just one of the signs of cheating you should look for, according to a (somewhat hillarious) survey conducted by the site

"Becoming more concerned with one's health and diet is often a dead giveaway for an affair, shopping for healthier or buying organic food can indicate a new relationship and a keenness to take extra care of yourself," a spokesman for the site told The Telegraph about signs of cheating.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The website, billed as the largest dating site for married persons in the UK, found that both men and women looking to have an affair were most likely to shop at posh UK grocery chains Waitrose and Sainsbury's—but that they weren't necessarily looking to find love in the grocery aisles. The survey revealed that, of the 800,000 people looking to start an affair who were polled on the site, many were eating more healthfully and spending more money on organics at the supermarket--somewhat subtle signs of cheating.

"We all want to look and feel our best when meeting someone new as we are viewed in a totally different light by this person; it's a chance to reboot ourselves and start a-fresh," the website spokesman said. "This is as much about a change of routine as it is health driven. Trying new foods and breaking eating habits is intrinsically linked to a change of mind-set when deciding to start an affair."

Of course, organic apples in the fruit bowl aren't necessarily signs of cheating; there are many reasons a person might want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Impressing a new potential mate is only one of them.

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