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Jamie Oliver Races Against Take-Out in New TV Show


Jamie Oliver, the world-famous British celebrity chef, has set his sights on take-out food. Oliver's newest show will feature him cooking meals from scratch in half an hour, in less time than it takes to get a bag of take-out from a restaurant.

These aren't going to be boring pasta-and-sauce recipes, either: The Daily Mail reports that "[t]he meals will be 'varied and seasonal' and will combine main course recipes with side dishes, puddings and drinks." "Puddings," of course, being British for "desserts." Britain's Channel 4 is picking up 20 episodes of Oliver's newest program for this year and 20 more for next year.

This project sounds great. Of course home-cooked meals are easier on the wallet and the waistline, but it's not just about saving money and losing weight. Learning how to cook your own food is empowering, and I'm always surprised by how happy I get just by making my kitchen smell great.

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From the Organic Authority Files

I wonder when this show will make it to the States? I sure could use it. That Greek place by my apartment can be very tempting after a long day at work, but if I had a peppy British chef walking me through a quick, tasty recipe, I'd be less inclined to pay for the convenience meal.

How about you? Do you think a TV show could persuade you to order less and cook more?

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