March for Clean Energy in Los Angeles and New Orleans

If you're interested in cool technologies that could help stop global warming, or just celebrity spotting, I've just a couple of events for you. Director and activist Josh Tickell is holding a major press conference in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday. Mayor Villaraigosa, the national press, and plenty of celebrities are all going to be there. Tickell is coordinating the event with the DVD release of his documentary, FUEL, which is a hopeful look at the new agriculture and energy technologies that could help answer the problems posed in An Inconvenient Truth.


If you're interested in showing up to the L.A. event, check out the Facebook event page. After Los Angeles, Tickell and his team are heading to New Orleans, LA (in a vegetable-oil-fueled van, of course) to hold a screening of FUEL and talk to the people who have been hurt the most by our dependence on fossil fuels—the victims of the BP gulf oil spill. It's guaranteed to be a historic event, with politicians, green NGOs, and celebrities teaming up to change the world.

So show your support for the clean energy movement and head over to Jackson Square in New Orleans on June 29th!

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