New York Establishes Statewide Recycling Program for Plastic Bags

Governor David Paterson has signed a new law requiring all New York grocers and retailers that offer plastic shopping bags to provide collection bins for plastic bags and wraps.


New York City has already passed similar legislation.

Statistics show nationwide plastic bag recycling has increased 24% since 2006. New York’s new law, along with legislation passed in California, is expected to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste headed to landfills.

From the Organic Authority Files

Recycled plastic bags can be used to make consumer products, like shopping carts and new bags. So retailers across the nation have stepped up efforts to educate consumers and promote in-store recycling programs.

Now, to see how recycling works. RecycleBank breaks down the process step by step, from paper and metal to plastic and glass. It’s actually pretty cool!

Via ENN.

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