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No More Roofs for Ontario Organic Turkeys

In Ontario, there was a simple rule. If you are raising a flock of turkeys, numbering 50 or more, they must be kept under a roof.


Why? It protects them from contact with wild birds, and maybe catching avian flu.

But local organic turkey farmers fought the mandate, saying the birds must to be outdoors in order to be considered organic.

And they won.

The Turkey Farmers of Ontario will now exempt organic turkeys from having to be raised under a solid roof.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Farmers argued that the existing rule prevented them from complying with the Organic Council of Ontario that says organic turkeys must have access to the outdoors.

After an 18 month court battle, the legislation was lifted for organic birds, and now only food and water must be covered.

And to safeguard against disease, turkeys will be contained one week before slaughter, and flocks will be subject to random sampling.

Its curious how many laws, rules, and mandates need to be reworked to facilitate the needs of organic farming. It's almost like the scale if tilted to make it easier for conventional practices. You think?

Via The Toronto Star.

Image credit: Going Local

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