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Not All Organics are More Expensive

You'd think organic food would automatically be cheaper. All the pesticides and hormones in regular food can't be cheap.


Yet organics are usually more expensive. At my local supermarket, organic avocados are $3 each, regular ones are 2 for $4.

But the U.K. Soil Association insists this isn't always the case, saying not all organic food is more expensive.

A spokesperson for the Soil Association insists organics get a bad rap because certain foods are pricier, like meat.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Organic meat takes longer to raise, so that drives up the price.

But officials from The Organic Trade Board are encouraging the organic sector to focus on improving processing and distribution to reduce expenses and prices.

However, progress may be slowed by the 10% downturn in organic sales in the U.K. due to the poor economy.

Via Food Navigator.

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