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Organic Authority Named One of Huffington Post's Top 35 Diet & Nutrition Experts

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Who's got two thumbs and was named one of Huffington Post's Top 35 Diet & Nutrition Experts to Follow on Twitter? That'd be us here at Organic Authority!

We're absolutely chuffed to be in such good company. Here's what Huff Po has to say about us and our compatriots:

From the Organic Authority Files

Want to stay up to date on the latest health research? Twitter is a source of more information than anyone can possibly digest, but it's also the place to get up close and personal with top experts in every field.

So who should you follow to learn the most about diet and nutrition? Here's our list: 35 Tweeps who really know their stuff, and are clever and entertaining in the process.

What are your favorite health accounts on Twitter? Share in the comments or Tweet (and be sure to follow!) @HealthyLiving.

If you're not already following us on Twitter (and why the heck not???) you can find us @OrganicAuthorit. Interested in the rest of the crew? Here's the full list:

Image by Peter Gerdes

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