3 Reasons You Should Buy Michael Pollan’s ‘In Defense of Food’

Watch "In Defense of Food" -- now.

We’re really sorry, not sorry, about all the Michael Pollan love lately. But rest assured, we’re crowing about his work because it’s so totally worth your time to read about.

This past week, Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” documentary based on the book of the same name came out on DVD and Blue-ray via PBS. Now, you may be thinking, “why would I want to buy something I could, most likely, find for free, or download for cheap?” We’ve got plenty of “in defenses” — and puns, apparently — but first, we want to tell you about what “In Defense of Food” is all about.


Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” tackles the question every person who has ever wanted to revamp their diet for the better has wanted to ask: What should I eat to be healthy? During “In Defense,” Pollan answers that question in great detail by busting bad nutrition science, visiting hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, and also coins the best no-nonsense bit of eating advice ever: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.”

“What Pollan means by telling us to eat food is to eat what people ate for the thousands of years before we became dependent on processed foods,” the film’s press release states. “He believes that many of our troubles today stem from thinking about foods solely in terms of the nutrients that are in them — a tendency fueled by the food industry’s practice of making health claims on products based on the nutrients they’ve added (vitamins, fiber or Omega 3s) or taken away (most famously fat). But science shows that a wide variety of diets can be healthy, provided they consist of the kind of whole foods our species has evolved to eat, which include all of the nutrients we need.”

Now, onto why you should buy a copy of this wonderful piece of infotainment:

1. You Can Share with Your Friends

Downloading is great for watching things you’ll only see once and don’t plan on sharing. This story is something you’re going to want to share.

2. It Will Look Great in Your Film Case — and Make You Look as Smart as You Are

Yes, everyone judges the books you have and the movies you collect. Offset the eye-rolls you might get from your extensive ’80s horror movie collection — yes, I’m talking about me here — by adding this gem to the mix.

3. You’ll Want to Watch it Over and Over Again

It’s incredibly satisfying to take a wonderful piece of art out of a physical package and slide into the DVD player. Pressing play on an icon doesn’t feel quite as fulfilling.

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