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3 Organic Beers to Give Dad this Father’s Day

Cheers Father Day with some organic  beers.

Organic beers are loved by all. But for the dads who put in a lot of time taking care of the kids, helping out around the house, and perfecting all those terrible dad jokes--they could stand to throw back a few cold ones. So, we’d like to suggest 3 great, organic beers to gift your dad on Father's Day.

Organic beers taste just as good, if not better than, conventional beer.

1. Lakefront Brewery Inc.’s Growing Power

An Organic Farmhouse Pale Ale

This organic pale ale comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If your father appreciates a cool, refreshing beverage, he’ll love this brew—it feature grapefruit, pear, and floral aromas that come from organic Cascade, Centennial, and Calypso hops. Other flavors come from clove esters and spicy phenols. While this beer isn’t light—it has a medium mouthfeel and a 6.7 percent alc/vol—it’s perfect for the dad who loves citrusy hops and ample maltiness. Serve with spicy dishes.

Organic beers include a lot of different kinds of IPAs.
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2. Eel River Brewing’s Organic IPA

An English-Style India Pale Ale

IPA is having quite the moment. And although this beer is, technically, an IPA, it’s not as bitter as its American IPA counterparts. So, if your dad thinks American IPAs taste too bitter, he’ll probably enjoy this beer’s crisp and smooth taste. The beer features citrus flavors, strawberry esters, and the brewery’s house yeast. This beer should taste amazing with curries, and ginger cake. This Fortuna, California beer may pack a strong punch: it is 7.2 percent alc/vol, so, it's stronger than session IPAs that are now on the market. But you're dad is tough—we're sure he can take it.

Organic beers can be infused with amazing herbs.

3. Bison Brewing’s Honey Basil Ale

An Herb-Infused Ale

I truly cannot think of a more summery beer than a brew that combines the flavors of honey and basil. And, surprise: this beer contains both. This Berkeley, California beer contains Cascade hops, three malts (Two Row, Munich, and Crystal 60), clover honey, and fresh, whole leaf basil. It’s 6 percent alc/vol and pairs well with Thai and Italian dishes. It's the perfect pairing for a Father's Day pizza celebration.

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