Real patriots drive Hummers – more "real American" blah, blah, blah

Unless you're transporting soldiers down the streets of Baghdad, there is no reason to drive a hummer, period.


Whether you take the global warming argument or not, just look around, the whole world is preaching fuel efficiency.

And what's wrong with that! It is almost 2010, if we can't have flying cars yet, let's at least have super efficient vehicles.

But not everyone agrees. A new study shows some Americans cry patriotism and tout it's their right to drive an abomination.

From the Organic Authority Files

Hummer drivers say they are defending America's frontier lifestyle. So all those housewives from the suburbs, blinged out rappers in Los Angeles, and well-groomed businessmen in New York City, are frontier people? Yee hah!

Writing in the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers found American Hummer owners claim a moral high ground, insisting they represent patriots who stand up against all the anti-American discourse.

Hummer owners feel it is their right to over-consume and have adopted the role of “moral protagonist” and defend traditional American values.

So can't you also make the same argument that segregation, “Irish need not apply,” and child labor, are “traditional” values too? Dumbest argument ever!

Via EurekAlert!

Image credit: Petrol-Head

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