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Silent Bob Breaks Toilet, Now Plans to Lose Weight


For most of us tight pants mean its time to lose weight, but for film director Kevin Smith, a.k.a. Silent Bob, busting a toilet was his wakeup call.

"I broke a toilet. That's how heavy I am," Smith told reporters, “I can't take all the credit. That was an old toilet and a very waterlogged wall. But my size took that toilet down.”

Now, you might not realize it, due to Kevin’s love of baggy clothes and pillow pants, but his doctor considers the 38-year old Smith MORBIDLY obese; via Contra Costa Times.

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From the Organic Authority Files

And with his latest movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, in theaters, Smith announced he’s going away for awhile to concentrate on himself and save his life. Good luck Kevin!

Okay, tearing down a toilet is odd and probably rare. So, for those of you who’ve lost weight, what was your breaking point? What made you turn it around?

Maybe you live you Mississippi, West Virginia and Alabama, the 3 fattest states in the country. That’d be some SERIOUS motivation!

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