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Support a Small Farm (and Big, Juicy Flavor): Adopt a Fruit Tree

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I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy being part of a local CSA. And I’ll also wager that most produce lovers adore going to U-Pick orchards. Well, if those previous statements are true, that easily explains why the Masumoto Family Farm’s adopt-a-tree program is so successful.

According to the article, “Tree Adoption Program Helps Eaters Support a Small Farm and Stock up on Summer Fruit,” on, the organic, Fresno, Calif., farm allows its clients to become active farm participants.

Every year, the farm encourages its fans to adopt an Elberta peach tree, or a Le Grand nectarine tree. Potential tree adopters fill out a tree adoption form, pay $600 and are asked to keep weekends free for a four-week period in the summer to harvest (the harvest time is unpredictable. Adopters have to be flexible and come to the farm for two consecutive weekends in the summer.) The farm encourages multiple people, such as a family, or an office, to adopt one tree to help offset the adoption cost.

While the program places a ton of luscious produce into the hands of the farm’s customers, it also helps the farm:

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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Save on labor costs.
  • Get money quickly from patrons up front.
  • Show patrons how a farm really works. Fruit pickers get a real, hands-on farming experience, and typically walk away feeling more connected to the land.

For more information about the program, visit the organic family farm’s website.

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