The Illest Vegetables in Town: Vegan Hip-Hop Tour Hits The Road

Getting kids to love vegan meals isn't too difficult when hip hop is involved.

If you want to inspire a bunch of kids to eat well, you’ve got to present healthy greens with a bit of panache. Enter Keith Tucker, founder of Hip Hop is Green, an organization that blends vegan meals and hip-hop culture.

The concept of Hip Hop is Green is simple. The organization sets an event that’s full of entertainment and great food. “We’ve done eight green dinners so far and we haven’t made a misstep yet,” Tucker said to King5, a NBC affiliate out of Federal Way, Wash. Tucker recognizes that America is in the middle of a food emergency. It’s paramount to get young people to eat well.

“The Hip Hop Green Dinners is a National Health Initiative that are set in urban communities and designed to introduce new people especially youth, to delicious, healthy vegan food,” reads the Pursuit website. Overall, the “green dinners” are most attendees first introduction to vegan meals. The dinners are a great place to blend information about local chefs, farmers, stores, and entertainment.

The organization’s model has been so well received that it’s launching a 2015 vegan hip-hop tour. Hip Hop is Green‘s tour will feature vegan DJs, hot meals, cooking classes hosted by local chefs, and organic farmers performing growing tutorials. In addition to the above attractions, the tour also will feature a “grocery store” that’s filled with organic veggies.

The vegan hip-hop tour, and the Hip Hop is Green movement (also known as Pursuit of a Green Planet — the overall organization aims to teach about health and wellness while focusing on veganism and a plant-based diet), is incredibly important because it modernizes and polishes real problems: the ever-increasing obesity epidemic. Pursuit aims to bring these ever-present issues to the public eye.

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