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U.K. Chicken Companies Form Unified Organic Message

To help stimulate the sale of organic poultry, three chicken companies in the United Kingdom have joined forces.


Rookery Farm Eggs, Humphrey Feeds, and Rhug Estate, along with industry donations, will be pouring money into an organic marketing campaign.

The move is in response to figures by the Organic Trade Board, which monitors the organic industry in the U.K., showing a 13% drop in the organic poultry sector.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Apparently, organic marketing in the U.K. needs an overhaul, people are confused.

So the coalition's advertising and public relations efforts will focus on clarifying what “organic” really means, and highlighting the benefits of organic food and farming.

They hope to do away with that 13% drop, and grow the organic chicken sector by 15% each year. Now that'll ruffle some feathers!

Via Farmers Weekly Interactive.

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