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U.K. Supermarket Freezers Heat Up the Planet

We all love supermarkets. In the developed world they’re modern marvels, bringing fresh food to bustling cities. But there’s a problem. All those frozen goodies, thrash the environment.


A recent survey of British supermarket chains revealed refrigerators and freezers contribute 25% of a stores’ carbon-footprint.

Environmental groups say supermarket refrigeration units spew hydrochlorofluorocarbons, greenhouse gases that can be 4,000 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Eek!

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From the Organic Authority Files

The survey ranked popular supermarket chains from 1 to 10. Marks & Spencer and Tesco placed the highest, with Tesco upping its rank by investing in climate-friendly refrigeration, but retailer Iceland ranked last, getting a negative rating; The Herald reports.

Oddly, all of the stores refused to provide information about they are doing to improve operations.

Now, it might not be a supermarket, but restaurant Chipotle greened up their business by installing a wind turbine on restaurants, LEED lighting and more!

Via ENN.

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