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U.K. Wind Turbine Not Killed by Aliens

Last month, residents of rural Louth Lincolnshire, England believed a mysterious aircraft smashed a local wind turbine to bits. Scaring people and conjuring worries of UFOs.


Citizens reported seeing octopus-like tentacles and glowing orange orbs, which later turned out to be nothing more then fireworks from a nearby 80th birthday party.

And now, not surprisingly, an investigation has concluded that the broken wind turbine is not the result of an alien invasion, but only boring old-fashioned mechanical failure.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The turbine manufacturer says material fatigue caused the bolts securing the 65-foot blade to come loose, but officials will continue to probe exactly what forced the bolts to be placed under unbearable stress; The Telegraph reports.

But Dale Vince the co-founder of Ecotricity, which owns the farm, was a little disappointed by the final outcome. He had hoped it was an alien incident. His favorite theory was that aliens accidentally broke the turbine while trying to steal our wind power technology.

Other whacked out explanations involved frozen urine being jettisoned from a passenger jet or a collision with a flying cow. Flying cows! Yeah, I’m sure aliens can’t wait to make first contact with lunatics like us.

Via Fresh Greens.

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