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Where to Recycle Old Electronics...

If you buy a new-fangled cell phone today, it’ll be old news tomorrow. You’ll be better off smashing walnuts with it then trying to send a text, let alone connect to the internet.


Computers are no different. What was high-tech yesterday is more useful as an ottoman today. Same goes for old MP3 players, inkjet printers, broken laptops, bulky television sets and grimy keyboards.

So, instead of turning your basement into a graveyard for outmoded electronics put them to better use, recycle!

From the Organic Authority Files

Both retailers and manufacturers offer recycling programs. Apple will take your old Macs, iPods and iPhones. Dell accepts Dell-branded products, such as notebooks, desktops, monitors and printers, as well as gadgets made from other manufacturers, so will Gateway.

Local stores want your busted junk too. Office Dept is looking for fax machines, digital cameras, video cameras, DVD players, small televisions and appliances. Staples will give you store credit for ink and toner cartridges. And Wal-Mart accepts old cell phones.

For more, PC Magazine has put together a long list of places to dump your defunct gizmos.

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