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Woody Harrelson is a far cry from the gun-toting maniac he played in Natural Born Killers. Actually, he’s a peace-loving, yoga-doing, organic food enthusiast and all around GREEN kind of guy—who drives a 100% electric Toyota RAV4!

Recently, Woody sat down for a revealing interview with The Times Online. Ecorazzi has the highlights:

On electric transportation and the conspiracy to kill the tech back at the turn of the century.

That whole thing [with the film] Who Killed the Electric Car?’, it really is true,” claims Harrelson. “They did try to stamp it out in many ways . . . My RAV4 drives like a normal car. It goes 70mph. You could maybe get it up to 75mph. There are no drawbacks at all except that eventually you’re gonna have to plug it back in.”

On his Hawaiian, off-gird, eco-village community.

“Everybody in the neighborhood is on solar power,” he says. “People get the concept that it’s like a commune, but this was a neighborhood that’s been there long before I got there, and they just never wanted power lines.”

On the current political situation in the U.S.

“I just find it hard to believe that there’s going to be any evolution of politics from within,” he says. “I just think the system is so corrupt. And now we’re still stuck in this Bush-like quagmire nightmare. I like [Barack] Obama. He seems a little outside the norm. But we’ll see what happens.”

Other interesting GREEN facts about Woody: He owns a VW Beetle that runs on biodiesel, powers his home with solar panels, he’s a vegan and a raw-foodie and was arrested in Kentucky for planting hemp seeds in defiance of a state law against it.

Cheers Woody!

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