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11 Picnic-Worthy Summer Solstice Recipes

Whip up these summer solstice recipes.

Summer is almost here! Celebrate the season of sun, fun, and all things outdoors with a sultry summer solstice party. To help your party go over with flying colors, we've rounded up 11 mouthwatering summer solstice recipes.

Summer solstice recipes, salad

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1. Summer Picnic Pea and Veggie Salad

It's going to be hot, so it's probably best to limit the amount of summer solstice recipes that feature mayonnaise. This crisp salad just features fresh veggies and a simple, dairy-free dressing.

Summer solstice recipes, lentil

2. Easy Lentil Salad Recipe with Radicchio and Veggies

This protein-rich salad is filled with fresh herbs. And if you have any vegans at your party, they can really chow down on this hearty, yet cool, meal.

Summer solstice recipes, chickpeas

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3. Easy Pasta Salad Recipe with Feta, Olives and Chickpeas

I am a sucker for a fresh chickpea recipe. And when you throw in some olives and feta, I know it'll be great -- all those flavors mesh so well. This fresh pasta salad also includes parsley and rice.

Summer solstice recipes, burger

Image: Jennifer

4. Sun-Dried Tomato and Lentil Patties

It's always smart to have a veggie burger available at any picnic. And oh, what a veggie burger this is. It's full of lentils and sun-dried tomatoes. It's really one of the more ideal summer solstice recipes and can serve as the night's "main event."

Summer solstice recipes, veggie chips

Image: surlygirl

5. Veggie Chip Recipes

What better side to serve with salads and burgers than some crisp, somewhat healthy, veggie chips. The previous link will take you to 5 killer veggie chip recipes that will please anyone's palate.

Summer solstice recipes, bites

Photos by Ally-Jane 

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From the Organic Authority Files

6. Amaranth Fritters with Swiss Chard 

These are the perfect little patties to make for the guest who doesn't want to commit to an actual burger, but still wants to eat something that's crunchy (and full of nutrients).

Summer solstice recipes, fruit salad

Image: Emily Monaco

7. Watermelon Feta Salad

It's summer, so fruit can actually be enjoyed as a main meal. Don't believe us? Just look at this savory, watermelon salad recipe.

Summer solstice recipes, lemon curd

Photo Credit: Karen Booth

8. Lemon Curd

You want delectable summer solstice recipes? Then get a load of this dessert. It's fully of lemony zest and fresh ingredients.

Summer solstice recipes, blackberry

9. Plum-Blackberry-Peach Crisp Recipe (Served with Vanilla Ice Cream with a Dash of Cinnamon)

This trifecta dessert will please everyone who decides to eat it. And as you can see by this recipe's title: it comes with vanilla ice cream.

Summer solstice recipes, drinks

10. Lavender Martini and a Rose Margarita

Both of these tasty recipes are featured at this link. Both are infused with fresh summer flavors (hello, lavender and rose), and are perfect libations to serve at your party.

Photo Credit: SF Chefs

Summer solstice recipes, cocktails

11. Peach Cilantro Julep

I'm really smitten with this Peach Cilantro Julep. It's filled with herbs and fruit, and of course, bourbon!

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