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4 Halloween Party Ideas for 2011


It's time to un-pack your stash of slasher films, creepy Halloween decorations, and start planning what you'll wear to your Halloween party. Thinking of unique Halloween party ideas can feel daunting (it's 2011 - what hasn't been done?!), but with a little preparation and effort, you can pull together an awesome organic menu of Halloween party foods, make fun party decorations, and throw a stellar Halloween party.

Party Prep: Halloween Party Invitations

First: compile your Halloween party guest list and start making Halloween party invitations. Dive into your junk drawer (aka your upcycling drawer) and pull out those old doodads, ribbons and buttons to make unique, festive Halloween party invitations.

Party Prep: Halloween Party Decorations

Pick fall foliage from your yard and gather some vibrant leaves. Put the freshly-gathered bounty into clear vases and bowls to give your house a rustic, fall look. Looking to light things up? Invest in some energy-saving purple and orange lights. The fun and festive colors will add flair to any room.

Halloween Party Ideas

Visit an Organic Pumpkin Patch

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From the Organic Authority Files

This is a great precursor to an adult Halloween party or an awesome kid's party idea.

Get a group of gourd-lovers together and head to a local, organic pumpkin patch. Spend about 30 minutes picking out the perfect group of pumpkins to haul back to the party destination. Get one pumpkin for every two people. After everyone's done pumpkin carving, display the pumpkins outside. The gourds make lovely, natural Halloween decorations.

Tip: Have everyone save the pumpkin's innards to make tasty, roasted pumpkin seeds for later.

Throw a Spooky Dinner Party

Cover your house in dark tapestries, dim the lights (heck, it conserves energy, too), and light those pumpkin spice, soy candles to set the mood. Encourage guests to wear fun, 2011 headline-grabbing organic-themed halloween costumes. Serve up some organic fall wine and spooky - but healthy - vegetarian and free-range meat meals. If the party is on the big day (aka Halloween), invest in some tasty, organic and natural candies to hand out to trick-or-treating children.

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