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Before the Big Hunt: Our Easter Roundup

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Is the Easter bunny ready to go at your house? Still planning your perfect menu? Not to worry. We've got you covered. We've rounded up our Easter articles so that you can pick and choose what you'll need to create the picture perfect, healthy holiday. Happy hunting!

Let's start with the really fun part: the Easter eggs! If you're curious about the health benefits of eating eggs (and there are tons), the differences between white eggs and brown eggs (and blue ones!) or simply need some cooking inspiration for this Easter favorite, our all about eggs primer has got you covered. Once you've chosen your eggs, you'll want to be sure to dye them naturally, using food-based dyes so you won't have to introduce chemical dyes to your kitchen or your dinner plate. We've also got suggestions for stuffing an eco-friendly Easter basket with goodies any-bunny would be excited to find!

After all the eggs have been found, you'll want a tasty meal for hungry hunters. We have a perfect roast leg of lamb recipe for your organic Easter feast, not to mention five magical mint sauces to compliment it—no neon green jelly here! On the side, indulge in some of the season's most gorgeous produce, like peasasparagus and this creamy, dreamy pasta with radishes and lemon cream. And while the kiddos might be busy stuffing themselves with candy from their Easter baskets, we've got four Easter treats that will wow your guests. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

And if you're stumpped for what to do with all those hard-boiled eggs once the hunt is done, why not try one of our organic egg salad recipes? We've got one that's stuffed with fresh veggies. And if you're concerned about cholesterol? Don't be. Egg salad is a healthy way to get a high protein meal.

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