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Throw Dad a Green Grilling Party for Father's Day


No cookie cutter Father’s Day cards or wimpy ties for the dad in your life this year. Celebrate the holiday honoring all the number one dads out there by throwing your father a grilling party—while also keeping a low impact on the planet.

Although all men differ, many fathers don’t enjoy the ado of over-the-top parties (that’s for the ladies in their lives). So keep the party low key. Good food. Good company. And a bit of rest and relaxation for good ol’ dad. Find out how.

Fire up the grill

This year, give dad a break from manning the grill. Get over your fears of that cooking contraption, girls (and some gentlemen), with our guide to the grill. Our guide will give you the low down on glazes, marinades and rubs. Shhh, you don’t have to tell your dad where you got your info to kick up his signature glaze. Keep it your little secret. He’s bound to be impressed.

Keep the decorations on the down low

My dad despises fuss. If your father has a similar personality, keep the party decorations to a minimum. Don’t buy any frilly nonsense—balloons, party streamers, flags or signs. These one-use adornments aren’t good on the planet anyway. To add a little flair to the party, use items you already own.

Decorate a patio or living room (depending on the whims of the weather) with some candles for instant ambiance. Cover the table in a festive tablecloth. Turn a potting bench into an impromptu bar for guests to craft their own cocktail creations. Or simply set out a tray of drinks and a few munchies for guests to snack on. These simple decorations will give your pad some pizzazz without getting excessive. 

Tasty beverages

Treat dad to a well-crafted drink. He can kick back while you get your grill on. Serve drinks that celebrate the soon-to-arrive summer. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

Make a round of our citrusy mojitos. With a few sips of this tropical cocktail you’ll get a taste of the Caribbean, even in the middle of the Midwest.

If your dad likes his drinks more old school, try our recipes for five classic cocktails.

Be sure to have some organic brewskies or wine on hand for guests who don’t like hard liquor.

The food

Go all out with the food on dad’s big day. He deserves it. Serve the meal on reusable plates, cups and utensils. No need for flimsy disposable gear when the real stuff does the job better. Be sure to use organic and local ingredients. If your dad keeps a garden, use the products of his green thumb in your cooking. Here are a few recipe ideas to get you started: 

A green Father's Day gift

Shopping for presents for my father often leaves me empty-handed and with an aching head. My advice: Keep it simple. Think about his interests. How about a new plant variety for his garden? Or maybe a pound of his favorite organic coffee? If he hasn’t tried organic coffee, then give him a good option to test out. He’ll appreciate whatever you give him because, you know, he’s a big softy at heart. Happy Father’s Day!

image: eddie.welker

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