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4 Dreamy Valentine's Day Desserts


For whatever reason, are you looking for some sweet satisfaction? Look no further. When the time for dessert rolls around on Valentine’s Day (or any day!), make it one (just one) of the highlights of your evening. You provide the sweetie (or not), OA will provide the sweets!

Chocolate Rumplemintz Fondue

Bananas, strawberries, kiwi, marshmallows. Fruit salad? Nope. Add the fruit of your choice – and any other goodie you can dream up – to the list of what you can dip into OA’s recipe for this delightfully decadent fondue! Whether or not you add the alcohol to this dessert, you’ll have a hard time putting down your fondue stick!

Panna Cotta with Raspberry and Orange Sauce

Smooth, rich and creamy, this Italian dessert courtesy of Grab a Plate will delight. The red raspberries are perfect for the holiday spirit! It only takes a few minutes to put this luscious panna cotta together, but you’ll need at least four hours for it to chill. Imagine the fun you can have while you wait...

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From the Organic Authority Files

Vegan Champagne Cupcakes

Have a little bubbly… in your cupcake! And passion fruit frosting? Could this dessert be any more romantic? What might sound like an ordinary dessert, this cupcake from Doron Petersan and the Today Show (Doron was a “Cupcake Wars” contender) is anything but! It’s filled with all the right sorts of surprises, perfect for the fun on Valentine’s Day.

Meyer Lemon-Yogurt Cake

You may appreciate Meyer lemons for their cheerful color and the ability to complement many recipes. Your sweetie will simply adore you even more for your ability to delight with this unique and festive cake from Whole Living that is definitely more sweet than tart.

image: puzzledmonkey

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