5 Natural Beauty Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

5 Natural Beauty Books to Read This Summer

Compiling your reading list for summer? Why not incorporate some healthy reads while you’re at it? Stock up on these natural beauty books for the details on living a healthier life.

Healthy has been deemed the new skinny. Meaning, it’s better to be healthy than simply thin. Agreed. And if skinny was once thought to be the standard of beauty, then healthy is definitely the new beautiful.

Just as signs of an unhealthy lifestyle show up as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, they also show up on the skin. Remember, the skin is our largest organ and the only one we can look in the mirror and see. If we pay attention to what it tells us (acne, dryness, irritation…) we can possibly ward off illness before it gets the chance to start.

One great way to do this is by using nontoxic beauty and personal care products. We are hyper aware of the dangers of toxic cosmetic ingredients–that they have the ability to soak into deeper layers of skin, and enter our blood stream. These nasty synthetic concoctions can linger in some of our organs causing moderate to severe health issues, like allergies, reproductive issues, and cancer.

Whether you are new to this whole organic beauty thing or looking for ideas, add some healthy natural beauty books to your summer reading list.

5 Natural Beauty Books to Read This Summer

1. “Absolute Beauty” by Dr. Pratima Raichur:  The bible on inner balance to outer beauty. Whether you’ve never heard of Ayurveda or are totally down with the dosha scene, Ayurvedic practioner, Dr. Pratima, spells out how to align body and mind for best health and lasting beauty.

2. “Skin Cleanse” by Adina Grigore: A new read by S.W. Basics creator, Adina Grigore. This one offers up some DIY solutions you don’t have to be a chemist to follow, and describes how to set up a skincare regimen for your individual needs.

3. “No More Dirty Looks” by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt: A tried and true favorite in the organic beauty world. NMDL, like the blog behind the book, gets to the heart of cleaning your beauty routine in a modern, real life way. Most women want healthy products that perform like the not so healthy stuff. This book tells us how to get them.

4. “Beauty Detox” by Kimberly Snyder: A healthy lifestyle advocate, this book focuses on the diet aspect of beauty. As in, what we put in is what we get on the outside. Snyder’s plan is pretty strict, but offers tips on healthy living that can be tailored to any lifestyle.

5. “The Green Beauty Guide” by Julie Gabriel: Get into the nitty gritty of cosmetic ingredients, healthy and toxic, with this super useful read. Gabriel breaks down what to look for, what to avoid, along with some simple recipes for getting started in DIY beauty.

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