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9 Ways to Avoid a Bad Hair Day Post-Workout

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Okay, so a bad hair day isn't the end of the world – but a self-inflicted one is the pits.

According to a study by Dove, 1 in 3 women will skip a workout to preserve their hairstyle and avoid the gross, limp, lifeless locks exercise leaves behind. So how can we keep our hair looking fabulous without sacrificing our health in the process?

Here are 9 ways to avoid a self-inflicted bad hair day after working out:

1. Skip the elastic

Elastics always leave behind an annoying dent in your hair that screams bad hair day – use a chignon hair pin instead. It’s a great way to casually throw your hair up without breaking your strands. Bonus: It leaves your hair wavy, which is a great way to combat post-workout flatness.

2. Thoroughly comb/brush your hair

After exercise, your tresses are a bad hair day waiting to happen: Your hair becomes tangled, sweaty, and borderline unmanageable. Shake your hair loose and gently brush through the knots and tangles. Use wipes or a face cloth to wipe excess sweat from your hairline, face, and neck. Massage your hair away from your scalp to revive some of the volume.

3. Use a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo absorbs oil and other scalp residue without stripping your hair. It’s a great way to avoid a post-workout bad hair day – minus weighing it down with a ton of product.

4. Blow dry

To avoid frizz, don’t over dry your hair. Start by massaging your scalp so your hair doesn’t stick together, then use a round brush and focus on your root area. Tame flyaways with good ol’ pomade.

5. Freshen up your hair

If your hair isn’t sweaty and you’re just looking to freshen it up a bit, use a hair refresher like Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher. It not only neutralizes odor, it hydrates, smooths and conditions, leaving your hair static-free with a refreshing scent.

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6. Put your hair in a bun or top knot

If you’re super-crunched for time, hide your bad hair day by putting your hair up into a bun or top knot. A bun is sleek and versatile for work, while a top knot is casual cute for running errands and meeting with friends.

7. Braid your hair

A braid is great for both before and after the gym: Undo your braid post-workout for a tousled, '80s-music-video feel, or braid afterward for a natural chic look that's fantastic for day or night.

8. Wash your bangs

Bangs are the biggest indicator of post-workout hair – before dry shampoo came along, I used to carry a travel-size bottle of shampoo with me specifically for my bangs. Sure, some people looked at me funny while I washed up, but it was better than feeling like Pig-Pen for the rest of the day.

9. Work out early in the morning/late at night

Of course, the best way around a self-inflicted bad hair day is to exercise in the morning before your shower, or at night before bed. If your work schedule’s hectic and this option’s only available to you on weekends, you could also opt for low-impact workouts during the week to keep “Scary Spice” hair at bay.

How do you avoid a bad hair day after the gym?

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