Ellary’s Kitchen: Healthy, Good Food Can be Restaurant Food

Brunch at Ellary's Greens.

Life is so fast-paced these days. And while even the most health conscious citizens would rather cook a scrumptious meal in their own kitchen ever day, they sometimes just don’t have the time. The daily struggle to maintain health and beat the perpetual time crunch is why it’s important for neighborhood restaurants to provide good food and wholesome meals. Luckily, more and more eateries are providing meals with healthy, local ingredients. One such place is Ellary’s Greens, in New York City.

Leith Hill, New Orleans native and CEO of Wisdom Foods LLC, founded Ellary’s Greens. Hill created the restaurant so every-day eaters could easily embrace a healthier lifestyle. Hill’s ultimate goal is to create good food that allows people to live better. Hill truly believes that what we put in our bodies directly affects what we do, how we feel, and how we think. Healthy eating, after all, is the foundation for maintaining a happy and balanced lifestyle!

The restaurant’s overall goal is to serve natural and organic foods that will satiate any type of diet. (And Hill means any type of diet — her restaurant caters to the I’ll-eat-anything person and the gluten-free vegan.) Everything the restaurant serves comes from local vendors. So, while all food is organic, some of it is not certified organic.

Overall, the restaurant is about as similar to your own kitchen as it gets. Everything the restaurant serves, including detailed vendor information, as well as server information, can easily be found on Ellary’s website. Hill makes certain to list everything with a name and photo, reports the Huffington Post.

While Hill’s Ellary’s is a thriving New York staple that’s popular amongst average eaters and vegetarians, the founder wants to take her restaurant’s concept national. One of her goals is to bring Ellary’s Greens to airports across the United States, The New York Times reports.

I’d love to see more of these types of home-away-from-home kitchens in neighborhoods. I’m pretty lucky, because I live down the street from at least one local eatery that has a similar concept. Do you have any restaurants like Ellary’s in your neighborhood?

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Image: Ellary’s Greens