Men’s Gift Guide: What Your Guy Really Wants for the Holidays

Men's Gift Guide: What Your Guy Wants for the Holidays

Who’s the toughest to shop for on your list? Gotta be the guys, right?

Whether you are choosing for the hubs or boyfriend, your bro or bestie, our men’s gift guide has something for whomever you’re shopping for this holiday season.

If you are tired of gifting ties and socks (and truly, who isn’t?), these ideas will get your creative juices flowing. Healthy, unique, fun … there’s something for everyone. And, maybe best of all, every item can be purchased online. Take a peek at our men’s gift guide and relish the thought of not having to do any last minute guy shopping this year.

Holiday Men’s Gift Guide: 14 Healthy, Fun, Guy-Friendly Ideas

Natural Grooming Gifts

Guys like natural skincare and grooming items, too, you know. And these healthy picks are sure to please.

Pursoma Hot Tub Bath

1. Pursoma Hot Tub Bath

A nice, long soak in a steaming hot tub post-workout (or anytime!) is always a treat. This blend of French green clay, sea salt, and ginger relieves sore muscles and boosts circulation. Perfect for a tub date. $36

Mauli Rituals M Pure Fragrance Oil for Men

2. Mauli Rituals M: Pure Fragrance Oil for Men

You and your man will love this intoxicating blend of essential oils and natural resins. A combo of sweet orange, sandalwood, patchouli, and rose is an unexpected and inviting fragrance. $42

EIR Cooling Lip Balm

3. EIR Cooling Lip Balm

Everyone needs a good lip balm on standby. This one is not only refreshing and moisturizing, but zinc oxide lends UV protection. $14

Marie Veronique Treatment Mist

4. Marie Veronique Treatment Mist

Guys experience redness and irritation, too. This convenient mist helps to soothe skin and banish blemishes. Makes an ideal gift for those who love the outdoors. $37

5. Source Vitál Men’s Shaving Kit Trio

Take shaving to a new level with this aromatic set. Designed to smooth and hydrate the skin, while offering a close shave. Peppermint and blood orange are invigorating and lend a fresh scent. $64.95

Bivouak Beard Oil

6. Bivouak Beard Oil

Keep whiskers wrangled with this woodsy scented oil blend. Talk about aromatherapy right under your nose. $32.50

7. Agent Nateur Holi (Man) No. 5 Deodorant

Yes, the same great natural deodorant, man style. Effective odor protection in a seductively masculine scent. $21

Edible Gifts

All of these food and supplement gifties will keep the men on your list happy and healthy. That is what you were thinking in terms of edibles, right?

CAP Beauty - Matcha Box and Stick

8. CAP Beauty The Neat Matcha Stick

Matcha on the go? You bet! These cool matcha sticks mean they can get their caffeine and antioxidant boost pretty much anywhere. $3

Lotus Blooming Herbs Authentic Chyawanprash

9. Lotus Blooming Herbs Authentic Chyawanprash

This little pot of herbs, botanicals, and spices offer Ayurvedic wellness and rejuvenation. A healthy way to start their day. $30

Grounds for Change Coffee

10. Grounds for Change Coffee

Get their motor running with a yummy bag of fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee. Give the Coffee of the Month for a gift that keeps on giving. $69.95

11. Dr. Jekyll’s Organic Beer

Mmm, beer. This brand may use some weird ingredients in its brews (garlic?) but they are said to be mighty delish. BioHazard sounds particularly compelling with citrus, pepper, and creamy caramel. $7.99

Freaky Healthy Chocolate Energy Bar

12. Freaky Healthy Chocolate Energy Bar

You know chocolate is delicious. You’ve heard chocolate is healthy. This one is totally both, made with raw cocoa and superfoods, like maca, chlorella, and goji. A slightly sweet treat that treats the body right. $8

Just for Fun Gifts

These two gift ideas are too good to pass up. Who to give to? You’ll know when you see them.

13. Whiskey River Soap Co.

The perfect stocking stuffer for the comedian on your list. Who thought bar soap could be so hilarious!? Your sides will hurt after shopping these fun soaps. $9.99

Dad Brand Hats

14. Dad Brand Hats

Pretty much something for every man or boy you know. And so reasonably priced you can choose a pop culture themed logo for every guy on your list. Start at $27

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