Yes, You Can Go Shower-Free Way Longer Than You Probably Think


Did you know that showering isn’t really necessary?

Apparently, your body can keep itself smelling fresh and clean all by itself. Well, kind of. Let us elaborate.

The shower-free life

Recently, two journalists—one female the other male—decided to go a month without showering. Considering our water resources are dwindling, and major drought conditions still plague states like California, reducing time showering borders on civic duty. Plus, we've already learned that washing your hair everyday is not only totally unnecessary, but it's also pretty bad for your hair.

So, how did the journalists fair?

Both succeeded and didn’t totally gross out their friends and family during the process. How is that possible? Supposedly, all it takes to become stink-free is a little time and a bit of bacterial body spray. (Yes, that's bacterial and not antibacterial.)

This is how James Hamblin, one of the journalists, went shower-free for a month:

- Hamblin liberally used a bacteria body spray from AOBiome. The company is developing a live bacteria spray with the hope of creating a “more Earthy ecosystem,” The Atlantic reports.

From the Organic Authority Files

- While transitioning to shower-free, Hamblin started using aluminum-free deodorant. At first, he used Soapwalla, which combats stench via plant oils and starches. After some time passed, though, Hamblin stopped using deodorant altogether. After all, he didn't need it.

- After exercising, Hamblin didn’t smell, either. However, he did wash off his face after runs—to get rid of dead bugs—and continued to wash his hands and any dirty patches of skin.

"At times when I might’ve smelled bad before, like at the end of a long day or after working out, I just don’t. At least, to my nose," Hamblin says. "I’ve asked friends to smell me, and they insist that it’s all good. (Though they could be allied in an attempt to ruin me.)"

- Hamblin also discovered that on average, people spend 12,167 hours washing in a lifetime. "That’s how much life you use, if you spend 20 minutes per day washing and moisturizing your skin and hair (and you live to be 100, as we all surely will)," Hamblin adds. "I wake up and get out the door in minutes."

I’ve got to admit that as an outdoor runner and an avid sunscreen wearer, I’m not sure I could commit to this way of life. But as an eczema sufferer, this process intrigues me. Whether I choose to go shower-free or not, though, these journalists’ experiment has influenced me to cut down on the amount of products I use, and slash my time in the shower.

Would you ever try the shower-free lifestyle?

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