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Raw Food Detox Journal - Day 14

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July 14, 2006

Went to a colon hydro-therapist today. Got a colonic (a gentle water system used by certified technicians to cleanse the colon). First time since my twenties. Found out that there was not much there to clean out! The 70/30 raw food diet I’m consuming is like eating microscopic scrub brushes. That’s how Linda, the hydro-colon lady, explained it. She said I was pretty clean for a first time visit (going back next week). That impressed me (how the veggie diet has me cleaned out already).


I had an image tonight while resting and thinking in bed. I looked down at my body, my beautiful body, and saw it underneath the layer of fat that is hiding it. It’s like I’ve been walking around with a spacesuit on. I’m wearing a fake body. That’s exactly it. My next thought was that I couldn’t wait to shed it. It’s coming off. Slower than I’d like; about six or seven pounds now after 2 weeks. But it’s leaving.

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From the Organic Authority Files

I fasted to prepare for the colonic the first half of the day; no H2O even. Afterwards, I went to a restaurant for the first time since being on the diet. (Funny, I prefer eating at home now!) I had a nice simple salad and chilled, pureed avocado/cucumber soup. It was SO satisfying and tasty. I had no desire for any the bad stuff that was also on the menu.

My nine-year-old, Zack was with me. At first he wanted one of the homemade desserts in their deli display. It was really busy and crowded, so I told him, “Let’s talk about it in a minute.” He ordered for himself. I was going to allow him to have one of their veggie sandwiches (I don’t think he has trouble digesting wheat like I do), but he wanted a salad with a side of blended pumpkin/shrimp soup. It had a lot of ginger in it. He liked it! He forgot about the dessert, so I didn’t bring it up again (I know, sneaky mom trick). Then he started feeling bad after only eating a little. His tummy felt funny, he said, as did “everything, mom!” Not sure what’s up with that. Worries me. I’m not sure if he is doing okay on this plan. That kid is so skinny, anyway.

My energy was weird today. After we got home from the restaurant, I simply crashed. I got really cranky and had to take a nap, for like, 2 hours. Haven’t done that since my lungs were acting up a few months ago. Man, I used to feel like that everyday – sometimes as early as noon. Not just a little tired, but like, “Get outta the way, I’m going down!” That’s what mold in your lungs will do to ya. Christ, I hope that completely clears up. I think that is why I had to crash. It was a little hard to get a breath. That’s the only thing that makes me so suddenly exhausted.

So after I get up, completely refreshed, I go and work like a fiend, getting rid of all the clutter in my office in mere hours! Einstein may not have said it, but V = E; veggies = energy. Had to move stuff out because I’m getting a new file cabinet. (It’s all part of the whole clean-up-your-life-inside-and-out thing I am doing.) Then I packed Zack up to go camping with his dad. Yea! A weekend for me. Going to get rid of all the stuff that blocks me (some of it literally) and makes it hard to find anything in my tiny little country home.

I’m sending a Feng Shui message to my body: clearing my house will help clear my lungs.

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