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Raw Food Detox Journal - Day 7

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July 7, 2006
God, I take it back about the wheat being the easiest to quit. Please help. Love, Tamlyn. Amen.
Wheat and milk products are in everything (“whey products” means milk). Gotta check those labels even more religiously. Okay, so I ate something with wheat in the ingredients yesterday (conveniently checked after eating). Figured I blew it, so I totally went for the carb fix: I had some tasty carrot-wheat crackers. Well, they were organic. But, “organic” in itself does not imply healthy. My gut reacted big time – more so than usual since it’s not used to the stuff anymore.

And today I woke up feeling awful. I guess the wheat set back the detoxing process. At least, I did go to my first yoga class yesterday. Love yoga, but man, it sucks when you feel worse after exercising. My hip and back injuries are acting up a little. Enough to make it do that nasty swollen-numb-tingle-hurt thing down my left buttock and hamstring. All that, topped off with PMS, bloated, and lungs hurting to boot.

Having sugar cravings deluxe. They started last night as the PMS crept up. I ate too much after dinner; organic yogurt, nuts and dried fruit. So basically, I had dairy, sugar and fiber. Not exactly my highest goals in action. I do know I am on the right path. All the books I’m reading say that you feel worse after starting to eat raw food. I’m curious enough to want to continue to see if I feel better eventually. Need reinforcements, inspiration.

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From the Organic Authority Files

My plan to get inspired:

  1. will continue reading, “Grub,” a well written, thoroughly researched book that connects eating well with supporting companies that are in tune with the planet,
  2. I’ll call a friend for support tonight,
  3. going to the farmer’s market again tomorrow,
  4. will envision my healthy, glowing, energized body as I eat, and
  5. I am planning to go to a local vegetarian potluck tomorrow evening. That’ll be cool.

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